Biebers Mastador Puppies
where puppies are people too

Hi Melissa,
Today was his first formal doctor's appointment for exam, shots, the  works. Our vet and the entire staff were very impressed.  I must have been asked 20 times "what kind of lab is he?"...  The compliments just didn't stop. Even other customers who were there  with their pets couldn't resist making flattering comments.

He's walking on a leash as if he's been taught to "heel". (I've always taught the "heel" command on my left side with the dog's right shoulder pinned to my left leg and he's doing this with very little encouragement.)  If this is any indication of what the future holds in store, we have found our dream dog.

My vet said I am the only (first for sure) client of his with a  Mastador. They had never heard of this breed until today.  His words: "I will be strongly recommending this breed."
He added: "He is so calm and confident..I'm amazed."  My entire family and extended family are also very impressed.  He now has the run of the house and totally understands many things...
                   ...and I haven't even engaged ANY formal training yet.

We are so happy with him it's almost beyond words.

Thank you.
Miley is an amazing Mastador.  I thought I'd share a few pictures of one of your puppies. I can't thank you enough!! Miley has made such a great impact on my daily life and she is amazing with kids. Matt S.
We put much time, effort and love into raising our Mastador puppies. 
Knowing that they are going to great homes and will make a difference in so many wonderful people's lives, makes it a little bit easier to see them go to their forever homes. 
They will always be our "Babies" and we LOVE to get updates, photos, & videos
Hi Melissa,   Really enjoyed our visit on Saturday.  Couldn't believe how loving the puppies were!  We are amazed at how well trained they all were. Looking forward to our puppy from your next litter.
Jon & Michelle

We got Simba late Saturday night, and everything is going very well. The kids  absolutely love him. He is doing  very well, he hasn't had any accidents yet, he already knows to go to the door to let us know he needs to go out.....that is amazing!!! He is going to be very Smart!!!

Hi Melissa,
We are absolutely in love with Gus and Bo (girl). They are the sweetest. We are
so happy we took two. You are absolutely right. Not only do they find comfort in
each other, they have fun playing.

Thank you so much for letting us take our time yesterday. We got home at 2:00
AM, I made puppy mash and they slept well. Big day!
Here they are sleeping in their bed after playing outside for an hour and then
playing with their toys.
More updates coming soon!
Thanks for Chewy - he has turned into the best pup anyone could ask for. Here he is at 8 months old on his first fishing trip.
The love between a boy and his dog - Simba at 7 months old
Toddler & Puppy Love
Puppy Atlas at 3 months old
Thanks for sending Atlas to Ca
Otis and Ida at 7 months old
We love these pups, they love each other, and they make great foot warmers too.
Jon & Michelle
Our baby Samson is now 7 months old and 85 pounds, he is such a wonderful, sweet puppy dog!
Titan formerly Colton is the sweetest pup. He has the most amazing temperament. Love him to pieces! 
(4 months old and 40 pounds)
Ginger at 7 months old.
Finally got a few pics of our big puppy.  Melissa she is such a fun dog,