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Hi Melissa,
Today was his first formal doctor's appointment for exam, shots, the  works. Our vet and the entire staff were very impressed.  I must have been asked 20 times "what kind of lab is he?"...  The compliments just didn't stop. Even other customers who were there  with their pets couldn't resist making flattering comments.

He's walking on a leash as if he's been taught to "heel". (I've always taught the "heel" command on my left side with the dog's right shoulder pinned to my left leg and he's doing this with very little encouragement.)  If this is any indication of what the future holds in store, we have found our dream dog.

My vet said I am the only (first for sure) client of his with a  Mastador. They had never heard of this breed until today.  His words: "I will be strongly recommending this breed."
He added: "He is so calm and confident..I'm amazed."  My entire family and extended family are also very impressed.  He now has the run of the house and totally understands many things...
                    ...and I haven't even engaged ANY formal training yet.

We are so happy with him it's almost beyond words.

Thank you.
Miley is an amazing Mastador.  I thought I'd share a few pictures of one of your puppies. I can't thank you enough!! Miley has made such a great impact on my daily life and she is amazing with kids. Matt S.
We put much time, effort and love into raising our Mastador puppies.  
Knowing that they are going to great homes and will make a difference in so many wonderful people's lives, makes it a little bit easier to see them go to their forever homes.  
They will always be our "Babies" and we LOVE to get updates, photos, & videos
Hi Melissa,   Really enjoyed our visit on Saturday.  Couldn't believe how loving the puppies were!  We are amazed at how well trained they all were. Looking forward to our puppy from your next litter. 
Jon & Michelle
We got Simba late Saturday night, and everything is going very well. The kids  absolutely love him. He is doing  very well, he hasn't had any accidents yet, he already knows to go to the door to let us know he needs to go out.....that is amazing!!! He is going to be very Smart!!! 
Hi Melissa, 
We are absolutely in love with Gus and Bo (girl). They are the sweetest. We are 
so happy we took two. You are absolutely right. Not only do they find comfort in 
each other, they have fun playing. 
Thank you so much for letting us take our time yesterday. We got home at 2:00 
AM, I made puppy mash and they slept well. Big day! 
Here they are sleeping in their bed after playing outside for an hour and then 
playing with their toys. 
Thanks for Chewy - he has turned into the best pup anyone could ask for. Here he is at 8 months old on his first fishing trip. 
The love between a boy and his dog - Simba at 7 months old
Toddler & Puppy Love
Puppy Atlas at 3 months old
Thanks for sending Atlas to Ca
Otis and Ida at 7 months old
We love these pups, they love each other, and they make great foot warmers too.
Jon & Michelle
Our baby Samson is now 7 months old and 85 pounds, he is such a wonderful, sweet puppy dog! 
Titan formerly Colton is the sweetest pup. He has the most amazing temperament. Love him to pieces!  
(4 months old and 40 pounds)
Ginger at 7 months old.
Finally got a few pics of our big puppy.  Melissa she is such a fun dog,
Flo VanSlyke reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
January 16, 2017 · 
I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa a couple years ago when I was looking for my first horse. I had some bad luck prior and was so happy when I found her. I bought my Odin from Melissa and went back the next year for Odin's girlfriend MyLee. When I first visited her place I was greeted by 8 Mastadors!! Talk about a warm welcoming!!!! Being an animal lover I immediately fell in love with them and when I brought my kids with the next time I visited she was kind enough to introduce them to the puppies! I haven't had the honor of owning one of her babies yet but I was so impressed with how she cared for all her animals. All of her dogs live in her home and are never kenneled. Their babies live in home as well and are so obviously loved by Melissa. She is a true animal lover and anyone lucky enough to get an animal from her whether it be a horse or puppy can count on a great experience. She is knowledgeable and has ALWAYS been there for me when I have questions, she is even kind enough to give me advice on how to care for my own dogs! ���
Taryn Rohmann Earl reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
April 5, 2017 · 
We picked up Chief (Winnies letter of 11/7/16) on January 8th - he was 19 pounds and we had high expectations based on our interactions with Melissa. He's now 50 pounds and very happy to say that all of those expectations have been exceeded! Our observations: - The website says no drool and no shedding - correct! - He has basically trained himself - he sits and waits to be directed to the food bowl, he waits for us to walk through doors first... - He loves our children (ages 10 and 8) and is very gentle with them. - He has calmed down our (2) small dogs. - He has barked less than 10 times since we have had him. - He's a medium energy dog - loves his walks in the woods but equally loves hanging on the couch. - He's not food obsessed - he's a great eater, but no interest in begging at the table - I suspect because of Melissa's 24/7 food access policy with the pups. We've had a number of dogs and can honestly say Chief is the perfect composite of all the best traits we've ever experienced. Couldn't be happier!
Stan Spencer reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
January 17, 2017 · 
I must say that Bieber's Mastador is definitely one of the most professional breeders that I have dealt with. Not only does Melissa have quality pups but she was very informative, kind and truly knowledgeable about this awesome breed. I searched for two years for the perfect breed for my family that was a hybrid and in that's search there was none that measured up like The Mastador. Some of the things I really appreciate about Melissa was that she had awesome customer service returned all of my phone calls and answered all my questions and was very down-to-earth. I was truly impressed with the fact that she was so connected with the dogs and it made me feel like I wasn't just getting a puppy to provide a monetary gain but I was getting a puppy from a place where all the dogs where well loved, well-kept, good looking and family oriented. if I were at a place to get another puppy at this time I would not hesitate to purchase another dog from Melissa. she is pretty awesome
Tracey Lockie-Schmidt reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
January 5 at 10:38pm · 
We are so blessed to have Tank (Bravo) and Molly (Cami) in our family. They have fantastic demeanor, quick to respond and learn, and are absolute loves. No shedding! No drooling! Melissa was wonderful to work with and we would be lucky to have another puppy from her family.
Melissa Oliveraz reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
October 10, 2017 · 
If you are looking for an amazing holistic breeder, Melissa has been incredible to our family. Our little guy Archie is really smart and was potty trained at just 10 weeks when we brought him home. He has been such a joy to our family and we just love him to pieces. Visiting her farm and meeting her dogs was a great experience and really showed us what a caring and ethical breeder she is. Melissa also has a private Facebook group for all her past families to share photos and great tips for raising your Mastador.
Robin Dixon Pautz reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
October 7, 2015 · 
Melissa is a wonderful breeder and her love shows in her dogs. We could not be happier with our mischievous OZ who has the best temperament and just a happy dog.
Julie Seidel reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
January 16, 2017 · 
We are very, very pleased with our pup. Churchill is so intelligent and loves to snuggle. It was very hard to drive away from Melissa's and not take a playmate as well. They are all so lovable!! He loves going in his kennel at bedtime and he seems to prefer having a schedule. Melissa responds to messages very promptly so if you have any questions just ask her.
McKayla Masog reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
July 16, 2015 · 
Melissa's Mastador puppies are well taken care of, good manered, and of course adorable. Each one has their own personality to fall in love with and it makes you want to take all of them home. They like to run and play and explore like the puppies they are. Taking one of them home would be a great addition to any family, for Mastadors are friendly and social and good with kids. I highly recommend this breed, and these puppies specifically, for anyone looking to get a puppy.
Kate Cook reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
November 18, 2017 · 
Elsie (formerly Effie) arrived November 16th 2017 via carrier. She is sweet beyond words. She is calm yet playful, my bullmastiff is already in love with her. We couldn't be happier with this � pup
Kristine Anderson reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
October 6, 2015 · 
We love our puppy, Ginger! She is very well tempered and intelligent "easy to crate and potty train" along with being a very good looking dog. I would recommend these dogs to anyone looking for a larger family dog that still has a presence for guarding. Couldn't be more pleased!
Taylore Becker reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
January 17, 2017 · 
I had the privilege of working with Melissa and these puppies for an entire week. All of their mothers are sweet and active dogs, and the puppies themselves are smart and cuddly. Melissa devotes all of her energy to ensuring that these puppies are in top health from the moment of their conception to the day they move into their forever homes, and her hard work is obvious. If you're looking for a dog, get a mastador! If you're looking for a mastador, go to Melissa!
Gary R. Meyer reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
January 16, 2017 · 
My Pup is 7 months old now, and she has been wonderful! Most loving intelligent pup ive ever had.
Rikki McKay reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
April 16, 2016 · 
We love our babies from Mastador Puppies! Gentle, sweet, smart dogs with a strong protective instinct for their people, you couldn't ask for a better breed!
Diane Pinkerton reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
October 6, 2015 · 
I would recommend Bieber Mastadors to anyone. Very helpful before and after receiving my puppy.
Nita Lichtenberg reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
January 16, 2017 · 
Excellent breeder who truly loves her dogs & what she does. 
Kloe Luken reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
January 16, 2017 · 
These puppies are so darn cute how could you not want to buy them all. If I could I would buy all of these pups. She takes awesome care of these puppies and loves them a lot. Would recommend Mastador Puppies to everyone
Bill Kipp reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
January 16, 2017 · 
Melissa's dogs are absolutely the greatest we have ever seen. The Mastador breed in itself is amazing but Melissa does something special with these Little Gems they grow up to be big sweet lovable cuddly gems. Thanks Melissa for all the heart and soul you put in to these puppies and owners as well
John Scott reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
April 11, 2016 · 
We got 2 puppy's, Angel and Grendel - can't say enough about how awesome these pups are! Too bad we couldn't get 3!!
Kimi Forbes Cooper reviewed Mastador Puppies — 5 star
September 1, 2015 · 
I highly recommend a Bieber Mastador! Well worth the drive! We couldn't be happier! I hope to come get another from one of your future litters!!
September 23, 2020
Hi Melissa,  Just wanted to touch base and let you know how IN LOVE we are with Cayde (formerly Raisen). He is an awesome, sweet puppy and we can't even remember every day life without him.  Thanks so much and here are a few pictures of him and his new older brother (our black lab). They are best buddies.

Samantha French
February 25, 2016
Hi Melissa!!
Here are a few photos of Huck!!  He is settling in wonderfully. He is such a sweetheart and he is a really good boy. He loves playing with our 2 little boys; they are already best buds. He has plenty of room to run and has made some new doggie friends. Huck is a very happy camper :)  Jacquie H.