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Melissa Bieber
Hinckley, MN  55037

When emailing - please include your first/last name, city, state and telephone number.
(If you don't hear back from me by the next day - please call or text)


alternate emails:
Biebers Mastador Puppies

Mastador Puppies
where puppies are people too
 Available Puppies:
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Make a Deposit and Reserve your Choice.  

You need to submit the following 
Application by email to reserve a puppy.
Please email or text me for a clean copy of the application

Please answer each question of the application.
Your choice of puppy or spot in line is not reserved until the Reservation Payment is made. 
 If there is a time lapse between your application approval & your Payment - we may request an updated application.   
If we do Not approve your Application - your Reservation Deposit will be refunded. 

You must be approved by us. 
Our application is detailed because I care deeply about our dogs and pups.  I consider them family and want the best homes and circumstances for them.  I want to ensure a good match for both you and the pup so that they never end up in a bad situation.  

Highlight, Copy and click Copy as "Plain Text" to Paste the list in an email to me with your response after each question: 
(If you have trouble with the copy and paste - email me with a request for an application, and I will email the application to you.)
If you don't hear back from me - please contact me again by email or call or Text me at 320-267-8034)


The questions with your responses after each question must be emailed back in order for your application to be valid.  

Application & Agreement to QUALIFY for & Adopt a PUPPY from Melissa Bieber 

1. Your:  First Name/Last Name
   Mailing & Street Address/City/State/Zip
   If self employed - company name:

Number that you text at: ________________________

1a.  Your Spouse/Significant Other's:
       First/Last Name
       If self employed - company name:

1b.  Kid's Names/Ages (adult and minor):

1c.  Other persons in your household & their relationship to you:

1d.  Pets Names/Type/Breed/Gender(if fixed or not)/Ages:

1e.  Do you Own or Rent your home? ______   Type of Home:   ________ Are dogs allowed? __   Describe Yard: __________

1f.  DoB  ___________    You Certify that you are 18 years old or older.  

1g. What experience do you have with puppies and dogs? 

1h. Have you (or your significant other) ever rehomed an animal? ____  If yes - who, when, why? _______

1i.  Is everyone in your household enthused about getting a mastador puppy, is willing to put in the time and effort that it takes to train and raise a puppy, and agrees to the terms of this agreement? ________

1j.  Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs?  _______

2a.  You agree not to crate or kennel the puppy for extended periods of time. (Nap-times and Night-time crating while potty training is ok as long as you take the puppy out as needed for potty and exercise.)  

2b.  You also agree not to leave the puppy alone for more than a few hours each day.  ie - If you work outside the home - you either take the puppy with you, have puppy daycare, or you have a play area and another pet or person companion for your puppy.  (Describe those arrangements).  ____

2c.  Please provide details of your schedules: ___

2d.  Do you expect those schedules to change? & how? ___

2e.  Provide details of the pups living area:  1:  While you are home: ____  and    2:  When you are not home: __

3.  Mastadors are very social dogs, and puppies are babies that need regular companionship.  You agree that you will have another dog or have access to other dogs on a regular basis (at least 3 or more times a week) for "puppy play dates".   (Also the best deterent to puppy biting.)  ______ Describe those arrangements: ______

3a. I recommend if you do not have another dog or only have an older dog, that you consider two puppies - I've personally found that raising 2 puppies at the same time is much much easier than just one & it is better for the puppies, and is the best deterent to puppy biting and seperation anxiety.  A single furkid that is used to having other dogs in the family can make for a bored and lonely puppy.  

4.  Vet Info:  Name/Clinic/Address/Email/Tele:  __

4a:  List 3 References (Name/Address/Email/Tele/Relationship to you/How long known): _

5.  Your puppy will live inside your home, as well as have regular access to outdoor exercise.    Agree
5a.  You pup will Not be chained or confined to an outdoor type kennel.    Agree
5b. You will never abandon or surrender your pet to a shelter.    Agree
5c.  If you ever need to evacuate - you will take your pup with you.   Agree
5d. You will provide a good quality home, water, love, training, and care for the puppy.   Agree

6.  You will provide a high quality food (Because it is important for your puppy to be on the same food during the first few months of transitioning to their new home:  you will start your pup on LA All Life Stages Dog Food and wellness supplements & order the 40lb bag XL System & training treats.  Also recommended case of canned food, cow ears, treats, ear care, shampoo, bio-spray & other supplies, from the provided links before getting your puppy) (offer 5-6 cups a day unless puppy is over weight - on L.A. they will likely eat much less (3-4 cups) unless going through a major growth spurt).   Failure to place initial order will result in forfeiting the pup and amounts paid. We offer an extended warranty for those who continue their pups on L.A.

7.  You agree that you have adequate income/resources to provide medical/vet/holistic care as needed.  You agree to carry insurance for your pup if you would not have the funds to cover any major accident, illness, injury, etc.

8. You agree that you will not use oral flea and tick preventatives (if you do use these products you understand all warranties are void and that many dogs are having very serious side effects including unexplained illness, neurologic adverse reactions, tremors, ataxia, seizures and even death. See FDA warning & Do a facebook search "Does Bravecto Nexguard Comfortis Simparica Trifexis & Others Do they kill Dogs"  & "Does Bravecto Kill Dogs" to find several groups that also include the other brands of oral flea and tick meds, as well as collars and spot-ons.)  Recent findings that 2 out of 3 dogs given these meds experience an adverse reaction.  Spot on meds can also be very dangerous causing severe side effects and even death.  (Alternative natural suggestions will be provided in your puppy pack.)

9.  You agree that you will not use harsh training methods, regardless of the age of the puppy, that you are responsible for training, (older puppies can take longer to adjust) and that if a behavior or training issue should arise that you are not able to resolve easily on your own, that you will seek the assistance of a reward/positive reinforcement based professional trainer or behaviorist.   

10.  You agree to socialize your puppy to other people, dogs, experiences, environments, & basic training, etc when you get your puppy through their 2nd year and as needed throughout their life.   We also recommend signing up with BAXTER & Bella Online Puppy School (one-time fee for lifetime access - use MASTADOR for 25% off coupon) and finding or creating a good puppy class.

10b. You agree to sign up for Baxter & Bella's free training tips newsletter. 

11.  You agree that the puppy will not be bred or allowed to breed and you hereby agree to a NON‐BREEDING CONTRACT.  You agree to ensure your Mastador does not breed, get bred or allowed to produce or sire a litter. If these circumstances were to happen, you agree to return the Mastador prior to whelping to my facility at your expense, (unless otherwise agreed, in writing, that you would have the capability of whelping and raising a litter - in which case you agree that pricing and marketing of said pups will be determined by Melissa Bieber, with your full cooperation including requested information, photos, videos, etc, and that I am entitled to all proceeds from said litter.)  You would have the right to pickup your Mastador at your expense once the puppies are weaned.  You agree that all proceeds from the puppies solely belongs to Melissa Bieber.  (Violation of the non-breeding clause will result in damages to Melissa Bieber in the minimum amount of $30,000 per litter.)

12.  You have a written plan for the puppy (Pet Trust Info will be included in your puppy pack) if you would no longer be able to care for the puppy/dog, such as in the event of family tragedy or some other unforseen circumstance.   

12a.  In case of your demise or other family tragedy (I have been contacted for direction on this in the past):  
Provide Details of your Emergency Placement Plan with contact info/names/address/tele/email:  __________

13.  You agree to contact us if you are no longer able to provide a proper home or care for the puppy, beyond your immediate family, we have first option on said puppy.  No payment will be made for the return of the puppy.  We have 10 days to accept or reject this option. You are responsible for all costs related to returning puppy.  If you have not been able to find a good home, and we are not able to take the dog back on a permanent basis - you will return the puppy/dog to us OR if the timing that you need to rehome the puppy allows, we will help you find a good home.  We have an extensive network of pre-approved puppy families.  

13a.  You agree to contact us if you are no longer able to provide a proper or good home for your adult dog.  You agree not to abandon; surrender; or euthanize (unless medically necessary) your dog.  We can assist you in rehoming, but it is your responsibility to find a good home for your adult dog. 

14. If you rehome the puppy, you/your family agree to screen the home for good quality, have the new family fill out our current application, and you will provide us with a copy of said application for approval, circumstances of rehoming, details of the new home and contact info.

14a.  In the event of Divorce or Family split the Best Interests of the dog/puppy will apply.

15.  You will contact us if you need help with the puppy and will give follow-up, and will contact us if something happens to the puppy including lost or stolen (as we may be able to help or someone may contact us with information).

16. You understand that your choice of puppy will not be reserved until your completed application is approved and your non-refundable reservation fee/deposit has been made. $525 of the $550 reservation fee for future litter goes towards the cost of the puppy. Additional non-refundable payment of $1570 (or the balance) to be made at the time you choose your pup ($1500 of the $1570 goes towards the cost of the pup the remainder to CCard fees.) You agree to make final payment before the puppy turns 5 weeks old, If reserving your pup after 5 weeks old – deposit is $2100 ($2000 goes towards the cost of the puppy, $100 to credit card fee.) (I will Invoice you by email. Invoice to be paid within 24 hours, or reservation fee will be forfeited). (or if Pre-Approved - pay cash at the time of picking the puppy up at 8 weeks old). Puppy “Choice” payments are non refundable. Once you have reserved a Specific Pup, all moneys paid are non-refundable and non-moveable to a different pup. If something were to happen to the pup you choose, funds would be credited to a different pup or litter. All delivery and delivery related costs are in addition to the cost of the puppy and will be paid prior to the pup leaving our place. $100 vet fee for exam, MicroChip, Vaccinations, etc applies to all puppies (subject to change if our costs change). All credit card payments are subject to .045% fee. Yes/Agree.  

16a.  So that I can match your deposit to your application.  (This info is not making the payment.  To do that you will use the link on the puppy page of the website to our credit card processor.
The Name as it appears on the Credit Card being used for payment:  _________________________ 
Type: _______________  Last 4 digits of card you will be authorizing for payment: ____________

17.  You agree if for any reason you can not take possession of the puppy when it turns 8 weeks old that you will pay $25 per day as boarding costs through the date of pickup or actual delivery.  (IF puppy is older than 8 weeks when you make your deposit, & you ask us to keep the puppy longer - then board starts 4 days after your deposit is made).

18.  We post photos and/or video approx every 2 weeks to individual puppy albums and/or our MastadorPuppies Facebook Page, &/or Instagram Page.  Photos and videos taken by us can be used by you for your personal use only.  Once you have reserved a puppy, all requests for additional photos and/or video, of reserved puppies, must be accompanied with payment.  Once the pups are 5+ weeks - we typically post group videos more often to our fb and Instagram.

Are you on Social Media?      If you are on facebook, instagram or tiktok- I would love for you to tag me (Melissa Bieber)  or MastadorPuppies in photos and updates on your Mastador.   After you receive your puppy - Please join our Biebers Mastador Puppies Facebook Group that is exclusive to those with our puppies.  Joining and remaining part of the group you agree to abide by the group rules.

Your Facebook Name: 
Your Instagram or TikTok name If you have or will have an Instagram or TikTok including your pup:  
Other Social Media:  

19.  You have read and agree to the Reservation Page and the Health and Care Page of this website. 
19a.  You agree to review the 3 ring binder of information on feeding, training and health that will come with your pup.

20.  Are you planning on picking your puppy up or do you want the puppy delivered?  

20a. (Delivery/Flight Nanny is additional cost.)  We work with private drivers that will deliver right to your door by vehicle, or If you are in Canada will meet you at the border. (You can change this answer later if needed - however once delivery is paid there is no refund.)   Delivery quote is based on the address you provide at payment and on non-private transport - meaning that we will have multiple puppies going at the same time in that general direction.  If we have 2 or more litters born close together - those litters will be delivered together.  If you want private transport or delivery to a different location, or earlier or later timing (if available), additional fees will apply, and delivery would be at a substantially greater cost.  You assume all the costs, risks and responsibilities of travel/delivery.   Route and schedule of deliveries are determined by the Driver.  If opting for delivery you will be available or will have someone available to take delivery.  We cannot determine exact dates/times for delivery in advance but will notify you when the pups leave and will keep you posted on the trip's progress.  You have read and agree to Paragraph 4 and its subparts of the Delivery Section located on the Reservation Page.  We may also have a flight nanny option for pups under 20 pounds to an airport near you.  (Please tip our driver/flight nanny.)    

21.  This agreement is made with Melissa Bieber and is created in the State of Minnesota.  
21b.  Any Paragraph above not specifically answered is agreed to.​

22.  a.  How did you find out about the Mastador breed?  
 b.  How did you specifically hear about or find us?

23.  Have you picked which puppy(s) you want?         If Yes - Name(s) as listed under their photo on our website:  
23b.  If for an upcoming expected litter - name of  Mother if known:

23b.  If you have a Color, Gender, or other Preference - Describe:  

24a. Describe a little bit about yourself, family, recreation activities, life-style and what you are looking for in a puppy.

​24b. If you are looking for a service or support dog, describe your needs and what the dog's tasks would be. 

25.  Date:                                 Your Electronic Signature: 
IDCR Registered
Genetic Tested 
for over 150 Genetic Diseases
Certified Elbows & Hips

Has the sweetest best personality
We have been breeding Mastadors for over 14 years now, & are the first Breeder of the  Mastador (aka English Mastador). 

 We are located on an 80 acre ranch by Hinckley, MN.   
Our dogs & puppies live in the house with us as pets and also have access to acres of fields, ponds and woods to explore. 

 The puppies are also raised in our home the ENTIRE TIME they are here with us.  Our puppies experience everyday household life and noises daily like the comings and goings of people and our other dogs, the TV, vacuum cleaner, blender, bug zapper, and other sounds and activities. 
 I am a stay at home puppy mamma and the puppies are played with and cuddled everyday.  Once our puppies are big enough to use the doggie door they have access to play outside, explore the yard, and to potty outside.  
We also implement ENS for their first 2 weeks of life, and thereafter daily enrichment items and activities, Socialization, Puppy Culture, and starting at 2 weeks old the Misty Method of early potty training.  

Their parents are health tested for over 210 genetic diseases.  Your puppy will come with a great start on potty training, initial vet exam, regular deworming, lifetime breeder support, health guarantee, microchip, parvo vax, optional 5 way, exclusive facebook group just for our puppy families, birth certificate, Parent Info, Puppy Training & Fitness Info, Blanket, Harness/leash, & swag bag.

We are proud to be licensed and inspected by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health.

Our Driver can Deliver door to door to ANYWHERE in the continental US or can meet you at the the Canadian Border; You can pick your puppy up in person by car, or you can Fly in to Minneapolis, rent a car to pick the puppy up, and take the puppy back as carry-on.

PHOTOS/VIDEO:  We post individual photos of reserved puppies to their individual albums approximately every 2 weeks with current weight in the description of the first photo for that week, and/or group videos to our facebook page.    We also post photos and videos fairly often to our Instagram.   If you would like extra photo session (6-8 photos) or video (1-2 minutes) featuring your puppy added to his/her album, you can request that using the Link below.  

Mastadors make great 
Therapy, Companion, Emotional, Physical, Support Dogs
Your heart understands when I need a friend.  
You are always there for me - teaching me to love,  to forgive, and to live a life filled with purpose. 
  Helping me find my way through life's hardships.
  You are everything to me: friend, role model, hero, guide, confidante, teacher, and angel
English Mastadors are English Mastiff x Labrador Retriever mix
The percentage of English Mastiff to Labrador Retriever can vary but Lab mixes with other types of Mastiffs or other Breeds are not Mastadors.  
 AVAILABLE PUPPIES pictured below

All of our Dogs & Puppies are Pets & live in our house.
All of our Puppies are Pre-Loved & are raised in our house.
Family & House Raised w/Daily Socialization
Vet Examined & Health Certificate
Health Records
Health Guarantee
NeoPar Vaccinations
Optional: Other Vaccinations
Regular Dewormings
Life-Time Breeder Support by Experienced Mastador Breeder
Extensive Application to Ensure that our Puppies 
only go to Great Homes.
Exclusive FaceBook Group for our Puppy Families
Early Potty Training 
ENS & Puppy Culture Training
Genetic Health Tested Parents for over 210+ diseases
Oliver's Elbows & Hips OFA Certified Good & Normal
IDCR or AKC Registered Parents &/or 
Grandparents &/or Great Grandparents
Our Retired Girls are NOT ReHomed.
Puppy Birth Certificate
Puppy Pack Swag Bag
Training, Food, Feeding & Health & Other Info.
Individual online Photo Albums
Online Group Videos

Door to Door Delivery Option by Our Trusted Private Drivers

Pups are Pre-Loved
Well-Socialized kids/dogs/horses/sound CDs
Daily Enrichment Activities

Parents & Puppies live in the house with us, 
and have access to 80 acres of ranch/meadows/woods/ponds to explore.

Best of Both Worlds between the English Mastiff and Labrador Retriever. Make great family pets. 
Smart, Mellow, and Easy to Train. No Drool (or very little).  

Excellent Conformation & Disposition

Many of our Pups have gone on to become Service Dogs & Emotional Support Dogs. 

14 Years Experience Breeding Mastadors
MN State Licensed

A portion of the proceeds from each puppy will go towards nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations helping dogs, and other pets and pet families in need.

So far donations have gone to:
People & Pets Together - 
Help pets whose people are going through financial hardship.  
The Retrievers -
Based in MN - They help find lost dogs.
Ruff Start Rescue - 
No kill, foster based, rescue based in MN
​The Animal Rescue Site - 
Funds to Animal Shelters across the United States.
Your Service Dog Inc.
Helps People with disabilities obtain & train their Service Dog

Each puppy is priced individually. 
Prices are based on factors such as:  Gender, Color, Size, Conformation, Disposition, % of Mastiff to Lab, etc

In our 13+ years experience breeding Mastadors, we've found that offering a range of prices is the best way for everyone to find loving furever homes while allowing us to cater to a range of different budgets.
Some Colors (and the bigger more mastiffy pups) are harder to come by, or may just be higher in demand. 
 The rarer/harder to find colors tend to be what I get the most requests for (White/Fawn/Silver/Sable/Apricot/Chocolate/Brindles).   
Other colors are much more frequent (&/or are in lower demand) so we ask a lower price for these pups.  
 During times of high demand all pups may be priced the same.


We track the pups weights and also follow up with some of our past puppies - 
so that I can give you a better idea of what range their estimated adult weight will be.

There can be a huge size range among our Mastadors - even pups from the same litter.  
Anywhere from 70 pounds on up to 170 pounds. 
Our averages for the girls tend to fall in the 110-130 range and for the boys is in the 125-145 range
​although many of our Ruffio babies & grandbabies are averaging larger.
Smart, Mellow, Easy to Train, 
No Mastiff Drool, Low Shed.

Many of our Pups have a Higher Percentage of English Mastiff to Labrador Retriever = Bigger, more Mellow pups, while still keeping the good health and friendly trainability of the Lab. 
Nice balance of athletic ability.
Smart, Mellow, Easy to Train, No Mastiff Drool, Low Shed
 Accepting Applications & Deposits for our available pups.
​Professional Evaluator/Trainer/Behaviorist can help to determine the best service dog matches.  
Pack Leader Behavior
​A great online puppy training program.  
Reasonable one-time fee for Lifetime access to everything - Including Live Training and one-on-one video training sessions.

Use Coupon Code MASTADOR to save 25% instantly.   

If you want to reserve a puppy - email me to request an application.  Once your application is approved, submit your Deposit to Reserve a specific pup or a spot on our waiting list.

Located by Hinckley, Minnesota

Delivery Option by private driver to ANYPLACE in the continential United States 
& to the Canadian & Mexican Borders.

possible Flight Nanny to Alaska

You also have the option to fly in to MSP and take your pup back as carry-on
Hercules -  Choc Male
 Green Collar
More Photos
Hero -  Choc Male
 Brown Collar
More Photos
Lyra  & Elvira
​Available Puppies
Scroll Down for Info

Hero is a Xena x Sterling boy.

He is a sweet, loyal, mellow boy.   
Loves belly rubs, hugs & cuddles.  He's a big Momma's boy.   Funny sense of humor.  Likes to carry his toys around.

150 pounds and still growing.  He will grow until 2 and then fill out from there. 
Scroll Down for Info on current puppies.
Pups are Vet Checked & Ready to Go.

Door to Door Delivery option available with our Trusted Delivery Driver who has been delivering for us on a regular basis.  
We have both West Coast & East Coast Delivery Trips Planned as well as to the Southern States.
Nestle - Chocolate Boy
 Brown Collar
More Photos & Video
Godiva - Chocolate Girl
 Purple Collar
More Photos
Gun - Silver Boy
Black Collar
More Photos
​Pups are Located by Hinckley MN unless otherwise noted.
Delivery by Van Option throughout the U.S.


Online Photo Albums
Doggie Door & started on, or,  Potty Trained.
Started on Other Basics
 Vet Examined. Vax'd, & Ready to Go
Raised in Our Home
Socialized Daily
Know Steps & Doggie Door
Parents are DNA Health Tested
Health Guarantee
Life-time breeder support from experienced (14 years) Mastador Breeder. 
 Option of Door to Door Delivery by our private driver. 
Email me for an Application.  
RESERVED means that pup is no longer available

Located by Hinckley, MN

Tinsel - Silver Female
Dark Pink Collar
20.15 lbs/8 wks
Ebony x Hero
More Photos
Elton - Brindle Male
Silver Collar
19.25 lbs 8 wks
Candy x Hero
DOB:  4/20/2022
$2,850 - Limited Time Discount $2,600
More Photos
Patience - Chocolate Brindle Girl
Very Rare Color.
More Photos
Ribbons - 
Chocolate Brindle Boy
 Very Rare Color.
More Photos
Butters - Fawn Male
Very Rare Color
More Photos

Pre-Loved - Raised in our home as Family.  
All of our puppies and adult dogs are pets and 
live in the house as well as have access to outside via Doggie Door.

Mags - Chocolate Female
Yellow Collar
Misty x Hero - DOB: June 23, 2022
F1b Mastador
was 15 lbs @ 8 weeks
Smart, Sweet. Potty Trained.
Started on Leash Training.
Great watch dog.  
Going through "stranger danger"  
More Photos
Davita - Chocolate Female
Orange Collar
Misty x Hero - DOB: June 23, 2022
F1b Mastador
was 16 lbs @ 8 weeks 
Cute Loving Happy Playful
Fun Pup.  Very Smart, Social, Sweet, Cuddly.   Big Chonky Girl.  Awesome Companion. potty & Leash Trained.  
More Photos

Recent PUp-Dates 

Fiona - Chocolate Female
Yellow Collar
Ebony x  Hero - DOB: Nov. 12, 2022
was 21 lbs @ 8 wks
Big Mellow Loving Sweet Girl.  Biggest Girl in her litter and bigger than most of the boys.   I expect she will mature in the 140-150+ range. Very Smart & Learns Fast.  Playful but gonna be on the more mellow side.  
More Photos
Mallory - Black Female
Purple Collar
Ebony x  Hero - DOB: Nov. 12, 2022
was 20 lbs @ 8 wks
Big Sweet Girl.  Loves to Cuddle.  Stunning Classic Mastador Look. On track to mature in the 140 + range.  Playful but gonna be on the more mellow Side. Smart, Loving & Social. 
Very affectionate.  Loves to Cuddle.  
More Photos
Pri - Fawn Sable Female
Dk Green Collar
Sookie x  Hero - DOB: Nov. 21, 2022
was 13.5 lbs @ 8 wks
Sweet Smart Loving Cuddly Girl. 
 Very Very Rare Color.
Very Affectionate.  Loves to Cuddle.
More Photos
Krissy - Brindle Female
Dk Pink Collar
Sookie x  Hero - DOB: Nov. 21, 2022
was 17.25 lbs @ 8 wks
Big sweet Playful but Mastador Mellow Girl.
Social, Smart, Loving, & Cuddly.  Very Affectionate.  
Loves to Cuddle.
Stunning Looks.
More Photos
Dacy - Brindle Female
Yellow Collar
Sookie x  Hero - DOB: Nov. 21, 2022
was 14.76 lbs @ 8 wks
Super Sweet Smart Loving Cuddly Girl.  
Playful & Mastador Mellow.
More Photos
Asha - Black with Tan Points Female
Gold Collar
Chenille x  Hero - DOB: Nov. 27, 2022
was 17 lbs @ 8 wks
Very Sweet Girl!  Very Very Rare Color. 
Miss Personality Plus.  Confident & Happy.
Loving, Smart, Cuddly & Social.  Affectionate.  Loves to Cuddle.
More Photos
Brawn - Chocolate Apricot Brindle Male
Light Blue Collar
Candy  x  Hero - DOB: Nov. 21, 2022
was 15.5 lbs @ 8 wks
Rare Color.  This Boy is gonna be big!
Smart, Sweet, Loving, Mastador Mellow.
Ican't believe no one has snatched him up yet - he would have been my first pick!!!
More Photos
Kat - Chocolate Female
Light Orange Collar
Candy  x  Hero - DOB: Nov. 21, 2022
was 15.5 lbs @ 8 wks
Very Sweet Smart Cuddly Girl. 
Big Girl.  Looks just like her Daddy.  
Loving, Playful & Mastador Mellow.  
Gonna be on the more mellow side. 
More Photos
Cakes - Chocolate Apricot with Brindle Legs  Female
Pink Collar
Candy  x  Hero - DOB: Nov. 21, 2022
was 16.6 lbs @ 8 wks
Very Rare Color.
Big Sweet Smart Girl.  Playful, Cuddly, Loving,  & Mastador Mellow.
She loves to Cuddle.
More Photos
Some of our Previous Pups
Yummy - Chocolate Fawn 
(possible champagne) Female
Dark Green Collar
15.75 lbs @ 8 wks
Halo x Hero DOB 12/3/22
Very Rare Color.
More Photos
Rex - Chocolate Male
Orange Collar
was 21.35 lbs @ 8 wks
Halo x Hero  DOB: 12/3/22
Big Sweet Smart Mellow Boy.  Classic Blocky Mastador Look. 
On track for 150+ pounds.  
Big Chunky Boy is Playful but will be on the more Mellow Side. 
More Photos
Slate - Silver Charcoal Male
Light Blue Collar
Misty x Hero - DOB:  Jan. 21, 2023
was 16.6 lbs @ 8 wks
Due to his family having an emergency before they could pick him up - Slate is available.  He is a Very Rare Color.  Stunning Looks.
Very Sweet Very Smart Loving Playful but mellow boy.  Social & Cuddly,
Affectionate.  He Loves to Cuddle.   Very Smart & Learns Fast.  Started on Leash, Sit, Come.
More Photos
Rhett - Chocolate Male
Green Collar
Misty x Hero  DOB: Jan 21, 2023
was 19.05 lbs @ 8 wks
Big Chonky Classic Mastador Look.  onna look like his Daddy Here.  On track for 150+ pounds.
Sweet, Smart, Mellow, Playful, Loving, Affectionate.  He loves to cuddle.
Gonna be on the more mellow side.  Very Smart.  Learned to walk on  leash, Come, & Sit in just a few minutes.  See the video on his album.
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Brindle Females: 2500
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