where puppies are people too
Oliver at 4.5 months old
Ollie started his career as a Sire in 2015.  
3/4 English Mastiff and 1/4 Lab
(His sire is English Mastiff (King Sumo)  & 
his Dam is Mastador  (Ninja) ie 1/2 lab & 1/2 English Mastiff) 

Oliver is just the sweetest guy.  He is very smart,friendly, loving, laid-back, calm, curious, fun loving, loves to play, swim, snuggle, and when not found snoozing on the couch or on my bed, is an avid outdoorsman.  Very friendly with everyone, but also very intuitive and he will step in to protect me if needed.
This handsome personable boy is a favorite with our visitors.  
One of the sweetest and most graceful dogs I've ever met.

Oliver weighs about 140 pounds.

Smartie is 2nd Generation Mastador
Mastador Winnie x Mastador Boris
Winnie is very loving with a sense of humor.  

She is always the first one to cheer me up. She will check you over with an insistent nose and then give a quick lick.  
Winnie is an excellent mother.
Winnie is what I would consider an ideal Mastador.  At around 140 pounds, she has that "Mastador" look. 
She loves water and loves to swim, loves to eat, play, antics, hugs and snuggles.  As are most Mastadors, she is super smart, well-grounded, kind and affectionate.  
We thought her parents were smart but she is smarter yet.  As a youngster, She learned how to unlatch and open and close the kennel door to her baby brother and sisters' kennel and close it behind her.  
Winnie  loves people but will give her "guard dog" bark until we give them our approval.  If someone has been to our place before and has gotten our approval she remembers them the next time.  She gets compliments from everyone about how beautiful she is.
Fancy is 1st Generation Mastador.  
Full sister to Winnie
1/2 AKC English Mastiff & 1/2 AKC Chocolate Lab 

Fancy is very sweet and loving.  

Fancy is a very kind gentle soul.  

All the Mastadors are very smart but she was the first one to figure out how to unlock and open the dog door. 

Fancy is an excellent mother.

RIP Fancy
Unfortunately we lost Fancy in a tragic accident.
is 1st Generation Mastador.  
Full sister to the other black females.
1/2 AKC English Mastiff & 1/2 AKC Chocolate Lab 

Passion is very sweet, kind, loving 
and extra soft and snuggly.  

Passion is sweet and mellow but loves to have fun and is one of our most athletic Mastadors with the 
"Mastador Spin" 
being her signature move. 

She weighs about 120 pounds and has some of our most "Mastiffy" pups
1st Generation Mastador.  

Full sister to the other black females

1/2 AKC English Mastiff & 1/2 AKC Chocolate Lab 

Chickee is very sweet, kind, and loving.  

Chickee LOVES Belly Rubs and has ever since she was a very small pup.  

Chickee has the best grin (without teeth) and smile (with teeth).  
If she is in the right mood will smile when asked, then will roll over for a belly rub reward.

Chickee is also our official greeter here at the ranch.

Chickee weighs 125 pounds and is one of our tallest Mastadors.

Tootsie is 1st Generation Mastador.  
Full sister to the other black females

1/2 AKC English Mastiff 

1/2 AKC Chocolate Lab 

Tootsie is very sweet, kind, and loving.  

Tootsie loves to show off her toys and will get very animated when she has a toy in her mouth.  She walks around the house showing off her toys to both the dogs and humans  

Tootsie is also very intuitive and is my night guard - she makes sure she protects me while I'm sleeping.

Tootsie weighs 135 pounds.


Lab Brutus x Mastador Fancy
25% EM and 75% Lab: Her pups with Oliver are 50/50 English Mastiff/Lab

Daisy is very sweet & eager to please

Daisy loves to swim and explore.

Belly rubs are also at the top of her list.  She is always up for a snuggle or fun and games.

Daisy weighs 110 pounds
Smarite is my sweet doll.   
Very smart - she named herself.
An avid cuddler. 
Mellow and easy going girl.  
 Sweet, Snuggly and Fun too.
Her and Oliver are best buds - they love to play and pal around.
Smartie weighs 95 pounds.
She has produced some of our bigger pups so far.  
Tippy is full blood chocolate Lab
She is also by the same labrador Sire (Blaster)  as our black Mastadors and so is the "big sister"  

Tippy is very caring.  She has been a huge help babysitting puppies and showing everyone the ropes on the ranch.  All the other dogs look up to her.  She is often found grooming and caring for the others.   
Her status as big sister does give her special priviledges. She has claimed my walk-in-closet as her very own studio apartment.   Although the other dogs will sneak in looking for her well-kept and hidden toys.

 Sweet, Sassy Snuggly and Fun too.
Very mellow for a lab.
1st Generation Mastador.  
Registered with IDCR

1/2 AKC English Mastiff
(Mocha's Whisper) 

1/2 AKC Chocolate Lab
(Majestic Jazzin Blaster) 
Biebers Mastador Puppies
is 2nd Generation Mastador.   

Candy is very sweet, mellow, kind, loving 
and extra soft and snuggly.  

Candy is an excellent mother and is often seen playing with her pups, hanging out, or taking them on hiking trips around the ranch.  

She weighs about 120 pounds and has some of our most "Mastiffy" pups
is 3nd Generation Mastador.   

Chenille is very sweet, mellow/calm, playful, kind, loving.   She likes to cuddle and watch movies with me.

Chenille is a very good caretaker and excellent mother.  She enjoys helping the other moms take care of their babies and is often seen playing or hanging out with them.  

She weighs about 95 pounds.  She has some of our biggest puppies so far.
Oliver loves babies and is very gentle with them

is 2nd Generation Mastador.   

Very sweet, mellow/calm, kind, loving.   She loves to cuddle.

A very good caretaker and excellent mother.  She will also help the other moms.

She is a big girl and weighs about 125 pounds.